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If you are interested in a reliable and profitable business build according to a model B2B, carefully read the section of our website "Our advantages".

     Contact us and we will give you all the following materials:

  • Presentation
  • Offerta
  • Loyalty Program

If you are interested we can additionally provide you with:

  • Model of the sectional view of the door
  • A set of color samples
  • Any technical information (installation instructions, product drawings, parts list, etc.)

We are also ready to acquaint you with our production, so you can make sure in high technical capabilities of our factory. We are interested in long-term cooperation with companies involved in the sale of interior doors, architects, designers, construction companies, who could become our distributors and dealers in their territory.

What would You get?
  • Presentation Presentation
  • Oferta Offerta
  • Programm Loyalty
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