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The staff of our company consists of the team of open-minded and high-qualified specialists in the area of the manufacturing of wooden products as interior doors, sliding systems and wall panels.

Our experience, responsibility, initiative and creative approach allow us to satisfy and to forestall all preferences and needs of the most demanding customers. Our priority is the highest level of customers’ satisfaction.

Jefes de División
  • Alexey Shterenberg Alexey Shterenberg

    Owner, Founder of the factory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

  • Dmitriy  Shterrenberg Dmitriy Shterrenberg

    Founder, General manager of export

  • Andrey Shterrenberg Andrey Shterrenberg

    Owner, General Manager

  • Yuriy Skorohodov Yuriy Skorohodov

    Director of operations

  • Oleg Goloborod`ko Oleg Goloborod`ko

    Head of production department

  • Alexandr Turchin Alexandr Turchin

    Chief Engineer

  • Sergey Goloborod`ko Sergey Goloborod`ko

    Head of the packaging area and finished goods warehouse

  • Sergey Zanozuk Sergey Zanozuk

    Technologist of the production

  • Sergey Molchan Sergey Molchan

    Head of the paint workshop