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About company
About company
Our mission
  • Improve the human environment

    To improve the human environment , making it cozy and comfortable

  • Promote greater efficiency

    To promote greater efficiency and to increase the quality of the construction business, producing a competitive product in accordance with the commitments we made

  • To maintain the highest standards of environmental cleanliness

    To maintain the highest standards of environmental cleanliness and minimize the environment impact

  • Alexey Shterenberg Alexey Shterenberg

    Owner, Founder of the factory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

  • Dmitriy  Shterrenberg Dmitriy Shterrenberg

    Founder, General manager of export

  • Andrey Shterrenberg Andrey Shterrenberg

    Owner, General Manager

  • Yuriy Skorohodov Yuriy Skorohodov

    Director of operations

  • Oleg Goloborod`ko Oleg Goloborod`ko

    Head of production department

  • Alexandr Turchin Alexandr Turchin

    Chief Engineer

  • Sergey Goloborod`ko Sergey Goloborod`ko

    Head of the packaging area and finished goods warehouse

  • Sergey Zanozuk Sergey Zanozuk

    Technologist of the production

  • Sergey Molchan Sergey Molchan

    Head of the paint workshop

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Factory is a leading company in Ukraine, which is specialized on manufacturing of the product for standard and prestigious segment.

It is a family business. Since 1995 three generations of family are involved in producing interior doors. We are developing and investing in this manufacturing with help of advanced technologies, high-performance equipment and modern management.

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